Veterinary dispatching

Receiving, processing and encoding samples for analysis

At reception, we welcome, inform and direct visitors to their contact person within Sciensano who will handle their requirements every working day between 8.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. Within the framework of official monitoring, research programs or requests from our clients (public and private laboratories, university laboratories, private companies, veterinary surgeons, private individuals, etc.), we receive samples destined for analysis.

After inspection, processing and encoding, we distribute the samples to the various analysis laboratories with the list of tests to be carried out. Finally, we also print the test reports and make sure they are sent to our clients.

The samples we receive must be accompanied by examination request forms.

Want to know more?

An on-call service is provided by the concierges outside normal working hours.

In this case, samples will only be accepted for analyses required as part of official control programs.


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