Customer relations coordination

Ensuring fruitful relationships with our partners and managing Sciensano’s intellectual property

Within Sciensano, Customer Relations Coordination is the central point of contact for our customers and external partners. While we seek to anticipate major public health challenges, we negotiate contracts with them that best meet their needs for scientific services while respecting the mission of our institution. Once these contracts are in place, we will monitor them. Customer Relations Coordination is also in charge of satisfaction surveys, protection of intellectual property, economic development, identification of new themes opening up new perspectives of partnership with the public as well as with the private sector.

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In addition to the negotiation of contracts, their implementation and their follow-up, we seek, from an economic point of view, to build on the results of scientific research conducted within Sciensano. In this context, we manage the various aspects related to the protection of intellectual property, such as the identification of proprietary technologies that can be patented.

In Belgium and internationally, we work closely with a number of institutions and organisations: FPS Public Health, FASFC, FAMHP, INAMI, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the Flemish and German-speaking Communities, universities, research centres and private companies.

The identification or the search for new issues open up new collaborations with other institutions but also with the private sector and strengthen the position of our institution as a privileged partner.This “business development” approach makes it possible to create new links and ensure a return on investment, both scientific (through publications, communications) and economic (via patent filing).

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