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Guaranteeing lifelong quality health for all

Our Scientific Directorate aims to provide the population with objective, useful and reliable health information. As a knowledge center for epidemiology, we not only study the factors that influence the physical, mental and social health of the population, but also the potential risks to public health. Through our research we aim to gain a better understanding of the dynamic evolution of the health of the population and how this understanding can contribute to a (health) policy.

We conduct studies of the evolution of the health status; how it is distributed among the population and how health is influenced by socio-economic factors, lifestyle, climate, the genome and the organizational aspects of health care. The research contributes to important social discussions such as the integration of people with chronic diseases in social activities such as active participation in the job market; living longer (healthy) and influence on job market and pension systems; solidarity and insurability in relation to lifestyle.

Our epidemiological research also emphasizes the interaction between man and animal in their social and biological environments and the role of these interactions in the development of diseases. In this context, the greatest challenge is the increase in antimicrobial resistance. The increase is linked to the inappropriate use of antibiotics in both human and veterinary practice and as well as in the veterinary agro-industry.

A major challenge for our epidemiological and policy-oriented research is the application of genomic knowledge in the practical aspects of care and public health.

We proactively inform health authorities of developments in health matters and about the factors that influence the health of the population. In this way we contribute to policy development and policy evaluation.

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