Expertise, service provision and customer relations

Scientific Director a.i.: 

Expert opinions and services

The main missions of our scientific directorate are the provision of services and the formulation of expert opinions. Whether scientific or technical, they are always based on applied research, a proactive approach and an innovative spirit. Most of our activities are subject to quality assurance.

Our teams monitor, among other things, the quality of biological medicinal products for human and veterinary use (vaccines and blood products) before they are placed on the market, assess and monitor the quality of medical laboratories and in vitro diagnostic medical devices, and assess the risks related to the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and/or pathogens.

Our scientific directorate is also in charge of coordinating relations with Sciensano’s customers and key partners. It provides logistical, technical (sample management) and scientific support to the Sciensano scientific services. The Transversal activities in Applied Genomics carries out analyses using state-of-the-art technological equipment and carries out research activities. Finally, the unit aims to facilitate and standardise the recording of health data to increase the efficiency of research.


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