Laboratory of medical microbiology

A clinical microbiology laboratory networked with medical laboratories

Some infectious diseases are rare. Others are emerging and, by definition, their emergence is unpredictable. In addition, some microbiological diagnostics require heavy and sophisticated technology. That is why a centralisation of diagnostic methods in a medical microbiology laboratory is essential. Within Sciensano, the medical microbiology laboratory provides analyses:

  • For medical laboratories, since these analyses are not carried out by them,
  • For medical laboratories in the event of confirmation of diagnosis, within the framework of the National Reference Centres in Microbiology,
  • For the medical inspectors of the Communities, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the Vlaams Gemeenschap.

A supervisory team of medical and scientific personnel upholds the quality of the laboratory thus meeting the national INAMI and international requirements (ISO 15189).

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Our main partners are federal, regional and community health authorities, the INAMI (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance), the Belgian network of medical laboratories, the medical inspectors of the Communities and general practitioners.

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