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Facilitate and standardise the recording of health data to increase research effectiveness

Our service has developed the platform as part of the implementation of the e-Health 2013-2018 Action Plan. We look after the daily management and maintenance of this new technological tool, the objective of which is to bring all the data that is now stored in multiple health registers into a single Internet-based platform. Consequently, our platform contributes substantially to the provision of an infrastructural system dedicated to research in Belgium. Irrespective of the topic, the data is recorded in in a uniform and secure manner.

Want to know more? offers a concrete solution to the problem of data being scattered over different health registers, which results in considerable heterogeneity, from both the quantitative and the qualitative perspective. In practice, we ask care providers to send us their data in accordance with a predetermined multi-annual calendar. All they have to do is to install a computer application that is free and completely secure thanks to an encryption system.

For the care providers, the platform is simple to use and saves time. For researchers, clinicians and the health authorities, offers the possibility of obtaining data that reflect the reality on the ground more rapidly. All these advantages contribute to improving the quality of our care system and, ultimately, the well-being of our fellow-citizens.

The data collected in may be communicated solely for purpose of improving the quality and management of our healthcare system. They are therefore only transmitted to duly authorised researchers and doctors responsible for monitoring certain diseases. furthermore guarantees absolute confidentiality when the data are disseminated for research purposes as they are systematically aggregated and encoded before they are made available to researchers. 

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