Environmental protection and Biosafety

Design and implement a sustainable and integrated environmental and biosafety policy

Sciensano is committed to a sustainable and green policy. However, this can only be successful if everyone is convinced of this philosophy. This implies that (constant) awareness-raising of employees and senior management is one of our most important tasks. In this way, we develop an internal environmental policy in order to be able to stay in line with environmental legislation at all times. Through information sessions and targeted actions, we raise awareness among our employees to minimize Sciensano’s environmental impact. Since, at Sciensano, environmental policy goes hand in hand with biosafety policy, we make sure that scientists understand and properly comply with the guidelines for working within contained use (as stipulated in biosafety permits).
Finally, we also provide the secretariat of the ethics committee.

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We strive to comply with the latest environmental legislation in order to keep our environmental policy up to date. We follow environmental legislation and apply it where necessary. Conversely, we pass on relevant changes within our organization to the competent authorities so that they can adjust or bring our environmental permit in line with our current and future situation.

With our environmental management system we show that we are not blind to our environmental impact and confirm our commitment to control and reduce it. In doing so, we take into account the nature of our activities, but also the aspirations and expectations of our stakeholders, such as local residents, society and customers.

With regard to biosafety, the emphasis is on supporting users who work with pathogens or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We do this by assisting them in the risk assessment of their activities and in submitting applications for new authorizations. We ensure that any action involving a risk to those working with pathogens or GMOs or involving a potential contamination of the environment is accompanied by appropriate measures to protect the user and the environment.


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