Microbiological analysis request for food and feed

Sciensano performs analyses for quantification and research of food and feed, primarily using ISO methods. The main germs involved are foodborne pathogens and hygiene indicators. We also perform bacterial strain typing and toxin detection.

How to request a microbiological analysis of food or feed?

  1. Fill in the request form
  2. Prepare your shipment. A package must contain:
    1. A paper copy of the request form
    2. The correctly packed sample, to prevent leakage. When sending strains, please comply with the safety instructions for the transport of biological and infectious material (UN3373).
  3. Send your package to the address indicated on the request form.

Foodborne pathogens for all questions.


Pathogen(s) Analysis name Material(s) Accreditation Turnaround time (in days) Price Contact person(s) Request and administrative forms
Enterobacteriaceae Enumeration of Enterobacteriaceae Food samples
4 13.90 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Enterobacteriaceae Enumeration of E. coli ESBL poultry carcasses
3 16.10 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Enterobacteriaceae Detection of Enterobacteriaceae Food samples
6 42.30 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Enterobacteriaceae sequencing ESBL strain No Not applicable 141.20 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Giardia duodenalis Detection Giardia duodenalis Food samples No 10 171.20 € foodmicro@sciensano.be, toxo@sciensano.be
Hepatitis A virus detection HAV Fruits and Vegetables, mollucs bivalve
7 167.00 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Lactic bacteria Enumeration of Lactic acid bacteria animal sample, Food No 6 13.90 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Listeria monocytogenes PCR identification and serotyping strain
10 107.00 € Listeria@sciensano.be
Listeria monocytogenes Enumeration Listeria monocytogenes Food samples
5 42.30 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Listeria monocytogenes Serotyping by slide agglutination Strains
10 33.40 € Listeria@sciensano.be
Listeria monocytogenes qPCR detection Listeria monocytogenes Food samples No 6 64.20 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Listeria monocytogenes Pulsed field Gel electrophoresis strain
20 50.00 € Listeria@sciensano.be
Listeria monocytogenes Bacterial identification strain
10 41.00 € Listeria@sciensano.be
Listeria monocytogenes Antimicrobial susceptibility strain
15 60.00 € Listeria@sciensano.be
Listeria monocytogenes Detection Listeria monocytogenes Food samples
8 42.30 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Molds Identification of Moulds Food samples No 35 98.20 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Norovirus sequencing Norovirus faeces
Not applicable 141.20 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Norovirus detection Norovirus Fruits and Vegetables, mollucs bivalve
7 167.00 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Pseudomonas Enumeration of Pseudomonas spp. meat product
5 16.10 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Salmonella MIC Salmonella strain
Not applicable 38.50 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Salmonella Pusle field Gel Electrophoresis strain
20 On request foodmicro@sciensano.be, salmonella@sciensano.be
Salmonella qPCR detection Salmonella strain No 6 64.20 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Salmonella Salmonella serotyping strain
6 70.00 € foodmicro@sciensano.be, salmonella@sciensano.be
Salmonella PCR EFSA strain No 5 29.00 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Salmonella MLVA Typhimurium strain
10 107.00 € foodmicro@sciensano.be, salmonella@sciensano.be
Salmonella MIC Salmonella ESBL strain
Not applicable 40.60 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Salmonella Detection Salmonella faeces, Food samples
8 33.40 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Salmonella MLVA Enteritidis strain
10 107.00 € foodmicro@sciensano.be, salmonella@sciensano.be
Shigella Detection Shigella animal sample, Food
8 33.40 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Shigella Shigella ID Food No 35 27.80 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Sulphito-reducing bacteria Enumeration anaerobic sulfite reducers Feed, Food samples No 3 16.10 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Toxoplasma gondii Toxo MC-qPCR meat product
10 On request Toxo@Sciensano.be
Vibrio Detection potentially enteropathogenic V vulnificus mollucs bivalve, Seafood
9 33.40 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Vibrio pathogenicity markers V.parahaemolyticus Vibrio strain No 7 55.60 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Vibrio Vibrio species identification Vibrio strain No 7 83.50 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Vibrio qPCR detection Vibrio Strains No 7 64.20 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Vibrio Detection potential enteropathogenic V parahaemolyticus and V cholerae mollucs bivalve, Seafood
9 33.40 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Vibrio pathogenicity markers V. cholerae Vibrio strain No 7 83.50 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Yeast Identification of Yeast Food samples No 35 98.20 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Yeast, Molds Enumeration of yeast and moulds Food samples
6 13.90 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Yersinia enterocolitica Detection Yersinia enterocolitica meat product
8 33.40 € foodmicro@sciensano.be
Yersinia enterocolitica qPCR pathogenic Y enterocolitica Food samples
8 33.40 € foodmicro@sciensano.be

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