Mumps: Mumps virus RNA detection via RT-qPCR

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  • Qualitative (positive, not detected).
  • This test is performed under accreditation from BELAC, ISO15189.

Purpose of the test

Detection of Mumps virus RNA by RT-qPCR.

Criteria for conducting this test under the reference activities

Diagnosis of a case with clinical indications.

Unacceptable demands

No epidemiologic or clinical indications of Mumps infection or outbreak.

Instructions for samples

  • Type:
    • Saliva (via Oracol® collection device, can be ordered from the NRC via
    • Buccal swab (dry swab, swab in UTM or swab in liquid Amiens medium)​
  • Sample collection: at the earliest 7 days before the onset of parotitis to 9 days after the virus is detectable in saliva
  • Storage conditions: Store samples at 4°C before shipment.
  • Minimum volume: 0.5 ml

Instructions for transportation

Ship in a triple-wrapped package at room temperature.

Turn around time

4 business days

Communication of test results

The result can be communicated via mail, fax, email and eHealth.


Pathogen info

Mumps virus


Is the analysis accredited?

Materials and methods

Method reference: 
SOP 13/3/01/F

Turnaround time and time slots

Turnaround time: 
4 days

Service in charge of the analysis

Contact person(s)

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