Veterinary analysis request

Sciensano performs biological analyses for identification of pathogens in animals.

How to request a veterinary analysis?

  1. Fill in the request form
  2. Prepare your shipment. A package must contain:
    1. A paper copy of the request form
    2. correctly identified samples with sturdy and watertight packaging. Highly virulent pathogenic agents require special packaging!
  3. Send your package to the address indicated on the request form.

Samples which don’t comply with transport regulation will be destroyed.

The turnaround time only includes the maximum number of working days required for the laboratory analyses. Administrative processing (1 to 2 working days) is not included.

Dear customer,

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are forced to reschedule some tests. The adjusted schedule for the tests can be found in File this document. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Species Disease Analysis name Material(s) Accreditation Turnaround time (in days) Analysis performed on Price Contact person(s) URL to form(s)
Dogs and cats, Other mammals Rabies Antirabies antibody testing - Seroneutralisation test (RFFIT) Serum
7 59.30 €
Dogs and cats, Equidae, Other mammals, Ruminants, Small Ruminants Rabies Rabies virus RNA detection by qPCR Nervous tissue, Saliva
7 62.22 €
Dogs and cats, Equidae, Other mammals, Ruminants, Small Ruminants Rabies Detection of rabies virus antigen by fluorescent antibody test Nervous tissue
8 39.63 €

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Veterinary analysis request

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