The COVID-19 pandemic minimally interfered with delivery of care and did not result in worse outcomes of diabetic foot ulcers in Belgium

Last updated on 8-12-2023 by An-Sofie Vanherwegen

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Aim: The Belgian government introduced a national COVID-19 lockdown from 14/03 until 03/05/2020 during which only urgent medical care was allowed. In a first phase of this study, we showed that diabetic foot clinics (DFC) remained accessible to patients and that the impact of the lockdown on DFU severity was limited to larger lesions. This second phase investigates the impact of the lockdown on the treatment and outcome of DFU. Method: Within the national care quality improvement initiative (IQED-Foot), a prospective cohort study was conducted among 21 DFC. 910 consecutive patients with …

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