Rapid detection of Eurasian and American H7 subtype influenza A viruses using a single TaqManMGB real-time RT-PCR.

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A real-time reverse transcription PCR (RRT-PCR) targeting a highly conserved HA2 H7 region was developed for the detection of all H7 subtype avian influenza viruses (PanH7). The wide phylogenetic scope and analytical sensitivity and specificity were validated with the use of a panel of 56 diverse influenza A viruses. The detection limit was determined with the use of serial dilutions of Eurasian isolates A/Ck/BE/06775/2003 and A/Ck/It/1067/v99 and North American isolates A/CK/PA/ 143586/2001 and A/Quail/PA/20304/1998, to be 1 log10 higher than the detection limit of the generic influenza A …

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