Status of YopM and YopN in the Yersinia Yop virulon: YopM of Y.enterocolitica is internalized inside the cytosol of PU5-1.8 macrophages by the YopB, D, N delivery apparatus.

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The Yersinia Yop virulon is an anti-host system made up of four elements: (i) a type III secretion system called Ysc; (ii) a system designed to deliver bacterial proteins into eukaryotic target cells (YopB, YopD); (iii) a control element (YopN); and (iv) a set of intracellularly delivered proteins designed to disarm these cells or disrupt their communications (YopE, YopH and possibly others). YopM, another Yop protein, binds thrombin and is thus presumed to act as an extracellular effector. Here, we analyzed YopM from Y.enterocolitica and we wondered whether it could also be delivered insid…

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