Sciensano & Fragrance allergens

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Sciensano evaluates products seized by federal departments to ensure that all allergenic fragrances are duly listed on the label. This measure allows the consumer to check the formulation of the products and avoid allergies.

What does Sciensano do?

The Medicines and health products service analyses products seized by federal departments to determine the presence of allergenic fragrances and ensure that their are properly labelled.

If allergenic fragrances are not listed on the label, Sciensano checks that their quantity meets the legal limit (0.01% for rinsed-off products and 0.001% for leave-on products).

If the amount of allergenic fragrances exceeds this limit, and they are not mentioned on the label the product does not comply with the legislation.

The Medicines and health products service also works on skin whitening products.


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