Sciensano & glanders

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Sciensano hosts the Belgian National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for glanders. As such, we are active in 3 main areas:

Diagnosis | identifying glanders to limit its transmission

Our laboratory carries out the serological diagnosis in equines using the complement fixation test. The complement fixation test is a medical immunoassay used to detect the presence of antigen-specific antibodies in serum, depending on whether complement fixation occurs or not. It is used to diagnose infections that are difficult to detect using traditional culture methods.

Research | setting up of quality assurance procedures

Our laboratory is involved in the implementation of quality assurance procedures for the isolation, identification and typing of highly pathogenic bacteria. This requires a laboratory guaranteeing biosafety level 3, including Burkholderia mallei.

Expertise | availability of a laboratory guaranteeing biosafety level 3

We have the necessary authorisations and facilities to carry out the isolation and identification of Burkholderia mallei bacterium in safe conditions (level 3 bio-safety laboratory).


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