High-risk groups

The use of illegal drugs involves many long- and short-term risks. Do not endanger your health: do not use illegal drugs! If, however, you do in fact use illegal drugs, it is advisable to be supported or accompanied by some other person who can call the emergency services in the case of sudden severe illness.

At-risk groups

Different reasons can lead people to take drugs: for the pleasure of occasional, recreational use or to deal with a deeper feeling of distress.

Certain at-risk groups have been identified because they are more exposed to distress, because they suffer from psychological disorders or because they adopt high-risk behavioural patterns:

  • the young (14 to 35 years)
  • party-goers (frequenters of night clubs, free parties, festivals, etc.)
  • persons with psychiatric, psychological and psychic disorders (depression, bipolarity, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity)
  • persons with a genetic predisposition 
  • persons living in precarious or unstable conditions.

Sciensano collects data and analyses the consumption of drugs, the drug market, the consequences for health, requests for treatment and the policies implemented with regard to drugs in Belgium.

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