You can consult Sciensano’s latest monkeypox bulletin on monkeypox surveillance in Dutch or French.

The monkeypox virus (MPOX) is mainly found in countries in West and Central Africa. In addition, since the beginning of May 2022, cases of monkeypox have been identified in several countries (within the EU and beyond). Infections mainly occur in men who have sexual contacts with men (MSM), but not exclusively. The number of persons diagnosed with MPOX is very low in 2023, but the virus is still present. 

Monkeypox in Belgium

Consult the monkeypox bulletin in Dutch or French

Sciensano closely monitors the epidemiological situation of the monkeypox virus. We describe the epidemic’s evolution and assess its consequences on the health of the Belgian population. In addition, Sciensano coordinates the Risk Assessment Group (RAG), which assesses the risk, evaluates the effect of the measures. 

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