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As multimorbidity is one of the most important and challenging aspects in public health, monitoring this phenomenon in the general population is important. Unfortunately, few population-based data sources exist that provide information on the occurrence (prevalence) of multimorbidity. However, based on data from the national health interview survey, Sciensano measures an indicator on multimorbidity in the Belgian population since 1997.

National health interview survey to assess multimorbidity in the Belgian population

In the national Health Interview Survey, Sciensano collects information on the occurrence (prevalence) of over thirty chronic diseases and conditions in a representative sample of the Belgian population. Based on these data it is possible to assess and monitor multimorbidity in the Belgian population. To do so, Sciensano monitors the frequency of multimorbidity in the Belgian population, by calculating a morbidity indicator which is based on the 6 important chronic diseases and conditions:

  • (osteo)arthritis
  • cancer
  • diabetes
  • hypertension
  • heart diseases
  • chronic lung diseases.

The results are presented in the report of the health interview survey (report available in Dutch and in French) or can be explored directly on the interactive website of the health survey. The latter enables you to look at trends and generate tables according to various socio-demographic background variables.

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