High-risk groups

Salmonellosis is a very common foodborne infection. By following certain hygiene rules, in particular during the preparation, cooking and storage of foodstuffs, salmonellosis can be prevented.

Who are the people at risk?

Anyone can catch salmonellosis, but in certain people who are more fragile or who have a weakened immune system, the disease can become worse in particular due to dehydration brought on by diarrhoea or due to invasive salmonellosis:

  • young children
  • the elderly
  • immunodepressed people.

It is recommended that people with a higher risk do not consume foods containing raw or lightly cooked eggs (mayonnaise, chocolate mousse, tiramisu etc.).

Young children and immunodepressed people should avoid contact with animals that are likely to carry Salmonella, in particular reptiles.

DID YOU KNOW? People who take medicines that reduce gastric acid, suffering from malnutrition, under an antibiotic treatment or suffering from certain diseases (achlorhydria, hypochlorhydria or cancer) may be particularly sensitive to the Salmonella bacteria.

Sciensano helps to diagnose cases of salmonellosis, identifies the sources of contamination, checks products, monitors the evolution of salmonellosis in Belgium and studies Salmonella bacteria's susceptibility to antibiotics.


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