The use of a condom is essential to protect yourself and your partners against STDs. If you have any concerns, you should have a screening test. In the event of an infection, follow the treatment correctly and inform your sexual partner/partners.

How can you protect yourself against STDs?

The main preventative measures consist of:

  • using a condom (and a dental dam for oral sex)
  • having a  screening test if in doubt
  • treating infections promptly and avoiding contaminating your sexual partners
  • being vaccinated against HPV (recommended for young girls aged between 12 and 14) and against hepatitis B.

In the event of an infection, it is important to be treated and to inform your partner or partners so that they can also have a screening test and potentially follow treatment.

Sciensano compiles two reports each year documenting the evolution of STIs in Belgium. The reports are based on information provided by data-collection networks.

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