Local health survey results

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The local health survey was organised in various Flemish municipalities in 2018, 2020 and 2021. This page shows the results per municipality for a number of health indicators.

Results 2018-2021

How do you read the results?

The figures represent percentages or averages with their 95% confidence intervals. The latter should be seen as a possible margin of error on the given percentage or average. If there is no overlap between the confidence intervals of two municipalities for a certain measurement, we can say that there is a clear (“significant”) difference between the two. The figures also show the results for the Flemish Region from the national health survey 2018 (shaded bar). This makes it possible to see the differences between the municipalities and/or the region and also to see what the main concerns are for a particular municipality. This can serve as a guideline for local health policy. For support in this regard, local authorities can contact Logo. They provide guidance and methods to improve the health status of the residents.

The health indicators in the figures below were calculated for the population aged 15 years and older unless stated otherwise.

Psychological well-being

Life satisfaction

Social support

Alcohol consumption guideline


Physical exercise guideline

Sedentary behaviour


Consumption of fruit

Consumption of vegetables

Incidence of falls (65+)

Oral health

Noise pollution

Background to the study


A representative sample was drawn for each municipality in terms of age, gender and statistical sector (smallest territorial unit). Only residents aged 15 and older were invited to participate in the survey. The aim was to collect 1,000 questionnaires in each participating municipality.


Selected individuals received an invitation letter to participate in the survey. The questionnaire could be completed online or on paper. Those who did not respond received a reminder letter. For those, who still did not participate in the survey after the reminder letter, other persons with a similar profile were invited. This process continued until 1,000 individuals were participating in the survey


The questions were a selection from the 2018 National Health Survey. The questionnaire is published on the Logo website.


The figure below provides an overview of the response rate per municipality. This was calculated on the basis of the number of persons who completed a valid questionnaire in relation to the total number of invitation letters sent.

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