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Development of a bioinformatics pipeline for the routine analysis of Influenza whole genome sequencing data, Fu, Qiang, Winand Raf, Van Braekel Julien, Barbezange Cyril, Hutse Veronik, Thomas Isabelle, Van Gucht Steven, De Keersmaecker Sigrid C. J., Roosens Nancy, and Vanneste Kevin , European Conference on Computational Biology 2018 conference ( 8 – 12 September, 2018, Athens, Greece, (2018)
Evaluation of an isothermal molecular point-of-care method for rapid detection of Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Influneza in routine conditions , Kamel, O., de Moreau A-I., Thomas Isabelle, Ricci B., Beukinga I., and Blairon L. , ESPID 2018, (2018)
Monitoring of influenza: Whole-Genome Sequencing to provide insights in the disease severity, Van Poelvoorde, Laura, De Keersmaecker Sigrid, Vanneste Kevin, Van Gucht Steven, Thomas Isabelle, Saelens Xavier, Barbezange Cyril, and Roosens Nancy , The 6th International Influenza Meeting, 2-4 September 2018 Münster, Germany, (2018)
Surveillance des infections à influenza saison 2017-2018, Thomas, Isabelle, C. Barbezange, N. Bossuyt, N. Bustos Sierra, and V. Van Casteren , 20/12/2018, Bruxelles, (2018)
Surveillance van griepinfecties in seizoen 2017-2018, N., Bossuyt, N. Bustos Sierra, Thomas Isabelle, C. Barbezange, and V. Van Casteren , 20/12/2018, Brussel, (2018)
Virological Surveillance of Influenza in Belgium Season 2017-2018, Thomas, Isabelle, Barbezange Cyril, Van Gucht Steven, Weyckmans Jeannine, Fdillate Ilham, Van Eycken Reinout, Hamouda Assia, Bossuyt N., Quoilin Sophie, Van Casteren Viviane, et al. , Volume ISSN number: D/2018/14.440/40, (2018)