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Dr. Marie-Noelle Blaude DVM

Chef de travaux SW

Marie-Noëlle Blaude is graduated as a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Liège, Belgium in 1982 and followed complementary studies in breeding and pathology of laboratory animals.

In 1983, she started her career as assistant in Toxicology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine where she started her first steps in toxicology by conducting in vivo toxicology studies on rats and dogs, performing research on in vitro models  on isolated hepatocytes and later on environmental pollution.

In 1991, she joined the Scientific Institute of Public Health (predecessor of Sciensano) where she was responsible in Belgium for the Elaboration of International Chemical Safety Cards in the context of the International Programme on Chemical Safety.

Since January 2002, she is working as regulatory toxicologist (REACH, CLP and endocrine disruptors) in the Unit ‘Health impact assessment’ of the Scientific Division ‘Risk and health impact assessment’ of Sciensano.

From 2009 till 2018, she was participating as head of delegation to the activities of the UN-ECOSOC sub-committee of Experts on the GHS.

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