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Dual DNA Barcoding for the Molecular Identification of the Agents of Invasive Fungal Infections., Vi, Hoang, Minh Thuy, Irinyi Laszlo, A Chen, Sharon C., Sorrell Tania C., and Meyer Wieland , Front Microbiol, 2019, Volume 10, (2019)
Identification of fungal isolates by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry in veterinary practice: validation of a web application., Becker, Pierre, Normand Anne-Cécile, Gerty Vanantwerpen, Vanrobaeys Mia, Roel Haesendonck, Vercammen Francis, Dirk Stubbe, Piarroux Renaud, and Hendrickx Marijke , J Vet Diagn Invest, 2019 May, Volume 31, Issue 3, Number 474, (2019)
Public microbial resources centres: key hubs for FAIR microorganisms and genetic materials., Becker, Pierre, M Bosschaerts, P Chaerle, H-M Daniel, Hellemans A, A Olbrechts, Rigouts L, A Wilmotte, and Hendrickx Marijke , Appl Environ Microbiol, 2019 Aug 30, (2019)
Spatio-temporal monitoring and modelling of birch pollen levels in Belgium, Willem, Verstraeten, Sébastien Dujardin, Hoebeke Lucie, Bruffaerts Nicolas, Rostislav Kouznetsov, Nicolas Dendoncker, Rafiq Hamdi, Catherine Linard, Hendrickx Marijke, Sofiev Mikhail, et al. , Aerobiologia, Jan-09-2020, (2019)
Species Distinction in the Trichophyton rubrum Complex., Huilin, Su, Ann Packeu, A Ahmed, Sarah, S Al-Hatmi, Abdullah M., Oliver Blechert, Macit İlkit, Hagen Ferry, Gräser Yvonne, Weida Liu, Shuwen Deng, et al. , J Clin Microbiol, 2019 Sep, Volume 57, Issue 9, (2019)
Systemic antifungal drug use in Belgium-One of the biggest antifungal consumers in Europe., Goemaere, Berdieke, Lagrou Katrien, Spriet Isabel, Hendrickx Marijke, Eline Vandael, Becker Pierre, and Catry Boudewijn , Mycoses, 2019 Jun, Volume 62, Issue 6, (2019)
Temperature-related changes in airborne allergenic pollen abundance and seasonality across the northern hemisphere: a retrospective data analysis, Lewis, Ziska, László Makra, Susan Harry, Bruffaerts Nicolas, Hendrickx Marijke, Frances Coates, Saarto Annika, Michel Thibaudon, Gilles Oliver, Athanasios Damialis, et al. , The Lancet Planetary Health, Jan-03-2019, Volume 3, Issue 3, (2019)