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Natalie Fischer

European Public Health Microbiology (EUPHEM) Fellow with ECDC

Natalie started her career at Sciensano in September 2019, when she joined as a European Public Health Microbiology Fellow appointed through ECDC. During this two year fellowship Natalie will work on laboratory and epidemiology projects concerning a variety of infectious diseases and pathogens. 

Before her career at Sciensano, Natalie worked for 4 years as a post-doctoral research fellow in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Stanford University School of Medicine in California, where she studied the involvement of the human gut and skin microbiome in inflammatory bowel disease as well as malnutrition. Previously, she obtained a PhD  in Microbiology from UPMC-Paris 6 while working on her thesis at the Pasteur Institut Paris, France (2011-2014). She also holds a Master of Science in “Molecular Medicine” from the Charite Berlin (2010) and a Bachelor of Science in “Life Sciences” from the University of Konstanz, Germany (2008).

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