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Comparative long-term trend analysis of daily weather conditions with daily pollen concentrations in Brussels, Belgium., Bruffaerts, Nicolas, De Smedt Tom, Delcloo Andy, Simons Koen, Hoebeke Lucie, Verstraeten Caroline, Van Nieuwenhuyse An, Packeu Ann, and Hendrickx Marijke , Int J Biometeorol, 2018 March, Volume 62, Issue 3, Number 491, (2018)
Determination of endocrine disrupting compounds in human placenta by UPLC-ESI-MS/MS: a preliminary study on parabens, bisphenols and alkyl phenols, Van Overmeire, Ilse, K. Vrijens, Nawrot T., Van Nieuwenhuyse An, Van Loco Joris, and Reyns Tim , International symposium on halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) DIOXIN 2018, (2018)
Heat and health in Antwerp under climate change: Projected impacts and implications for prevention., Sanchez, Martinez, Gerardo, Julio Diaz, Hans Hooyberghs, Lauwaet Dirk, Koen De Ridder, Cristina Linares, Rocio Carmona, Cristina Ortiz, Vladimir Kendrovski, Aerts Raf, et al. , Environ Int, 2018 Feb, Volume 111, (2018)
Relationships between aeroallergen levels and hospital admissions for asthma in the Brussels-Capital Region: a daily time series analysis., Guilbert, Ariane, Bruffaerts Nicolas, Hoebeke Lucie, Packeu Ann, Hendrickx Marijke, De Cremer Koen, Bladt Sandrine, Brasseur Olivier, and Van Nieuwenhuyse An , Environ Health, 2018 Apr 11, Volume 17, Issue 1, (2018)
Silicone Wristband Passive Samplers Yield Highly Individualized Pesticide Residue Exposure Profiles., Aerts, Raf, Joly Laure, Szternfeld Philippe, Khariklia Tsilikas, De Cremer Koen, Philippe Castelain, Jean-Marie Aerts, Jos Van Orshoven, Somers Ben, Hendrickx Marijke, et al. , Environ Sci Technol, 2018 Jan 02, Volume 52, Issue 1, (2018)