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Antibiotic resistance prediction for Mycobacterium tuberculosis from genome sequence data with Mykrobe., Martin, Hunt, Phelim Bradley, Grandjean Lapierre, Simon, Simon Heys, Mark Thomsit, B Hall, Michael, M Malone, Kerri, Penelope Wintringer, M Walker, Timothy, M Cirillo, Daniela, et al. , Wellcome Open Res, 2019, Volume 4, (2019)
In vitro activity of bedaquiline against slow-growing nontuberculous mycobacteria., Martin, Anandi, Torres Godino, Isabel, Angelica Aguilar-Ayala, Diana, Mathys Vanessa, Nacer Lounis, and Rodriguez Villalobos, Hector , J Med Microbiol, 2019 Jun 18, (2019)
Isoniazid Bactericidal Activity Involves Electron Transport Chain Perturbation., Sheng, Zeng, Karine Soetaert, Faustine Ravon, Marie Vandeput, Dirk Bald, Kauffmann Jean-Michel, Mathys Vanessa, Wattiez Ruddy, and Véronique Fontaine , Antimicrob Agents Chemother, 2019 Mar, Volume 63, Issue 3, (2019)
RNA-Based susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Van den Bossche, An, Roby Bhattacharyya, Jean-Yves Coppee, Alain Baulard, Deborah Hung, Mathys Vanessa, and Ceyssens Pieter-Jan , 29th ECCMID, 1316 April, 2019, Issue ESCMID, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, (2019)
Strong increase of true and false positive mycobacterial cultures sent to the National Reference Centre in Belgium, 2007 to 2016., Karine, Soetaert, Lorenzo Subissi, Pieter-Jan Ceyssens, Vanfleteren Brigitte, Marianne Chantrenne, Tommi Asikainen, Els Duysburgh, and Mathys Vanessa , Euro Surveill, 2019 Mar, Volume 24, Issue 11, (2019)
Transcriptional profiling of a laboratory and clinical Mycobacterium tuberculosis strain suggests respiratory poisoning upon exposure to delamanid, Van den Bossche, An, Hugo Varet, Amandine Sury, Odile Sismeiro, Rachel Legendre, Jean-Yves Coppee, Mathys Vanessa, and Ceyssens Pieter-Jan , Tuberculosis, Jan-07-2019, Volume 117, (2019)