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The media relations team is Sciensano’s official voice towards the media. It communicates about Sciensano’s research outcomes and expert advice, organises press events and issues press material. For topical information on public health issues, consult the fact sheets in the Your Health section. If you are a journalist and you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Sciensano’s media relations team.

The latest news items about the coronavirus and Covid-19 can be found on the website of the FPS Public Health.

Press releases and news

E.g., 14/07/2024
E.g., 14/07/2024
Published on: 12-12-2022

Sciensano and the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp (ITM) are closely monitoring the presence of exotic mosquitoes in Belgium through... Read more

Published on: 16-8-2022

Do you know everything there is to know about mosquitoes? Or are the buzzing insects rather unknown territory for you? Sciensano launches a survey to get a better view of the current knowledge and... Read more

Associated health topics: Health and disease monitoring
Published on: 4-8-2022

Cancer is a leading cause of death in Europe, and its prevalence is set to increase with an ageing population.

Associated health topics: Cancer
Published on: 28-7-2022

A resident of Maasmechelen recently spotted a mosquito that looked different from the common house mosquito.

Published on: 27-6-2022

On 27 June 27 2022, Belgium will host a launch event for PARC (European Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals). In this large-scale European research... Read more

Associated health topics: Health and environment
Published on: 18-5-2022

The “Joint-efforts for pathogen genomics in public health surveillance” symposium was successfully held on May 4, recording 160 registrations. 

Associated health topics: Health and disease monitoring

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