BeONCOsup - Belgian Handbook for Oncological Supportive Care

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Project duration:
January 1, 2023
April 30, 2024

In short

With the BeONCOsup project we want to develop a webtool ‘Belgian Handbook for (Hemato-) Oncological Supportive Care’ to optimise the provision of supportive care to cancer patients and their relatives. The webtool will aid professionals in referring their patients to supportive oncological care in Belgium as it concentrates the information and databases necessary for referral. 

Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke has appointed Sciensano’s Cancer Centre to coordinate the development of the tool in consultation with the Cabinet, the FPS Health and the National Health and Disability Insurance RIZIV/INAMI.

Register for the thematic working groups

Ten thematic working group sessions around medical, (onco)psychological, socio-professional and social needs have been successfully organised and a list with approximately 110 needs and problems among (hemato-)oncological patients was identified. Currently there are no registrations open. Keep an eye out on the website for future thematic working groups sessions, or contact us through the button bellow.

Summary of the results of the thematic working groups

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Project description

The BeONCOsup project is set up based on recurrent results of different projects of the Cancer Centre, indicating the need to optimise supportive care for cancer patients and relatives: 

With the project, we want to develop a webtool ‘Belgian Handbook for (Hemato-) Oncological Supportive Care’ for professionals in referring cancer patients to appropriate supportive care (needs-based approach). The main objectives of the project are: 

  • To develop a list of the medical, (onco)psychosocial, socio-professional and social needs of cancer patients and their relatives
  • To identify existing supportive care to meet these needs
  • To optimise access to supportive oncology care for patients and their relatives
  • To ensure equitable access to supportive oncology care

To achieve the objectives of the project, Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) are set up for 4 domains of supportive cancer care. The following domains have been proposed: 

  • Medical follow-up
  • (Onco)psychosocial care
  • Socio-professional integration
  • Social care

The WGs are organised by needs/problem to discuss the needs/problem of cancer patients with different experts and by speciality to discuss each need in-depth.



  • Sciensano, Cancer Centre - Régine Kiasuwa Mbengi and Sofie Theys
  • FOD Volksgezondheid

Technical information

Leading Coordinator Sciensano, Belgium
Domain / Area prevention, rehabilitation, psychological care, care organisation

Related events

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Symposium: Supportive Cancer Care in Belgium : State of Play and Future Directions

On the 22nd of March BeONCOsup held its Symposium on the State of Play and Future Directions of Supportive Cancer Care in Belgium.
This event brought together professionals of Belgian institutions and patients to foster dialogue and exchange about the current and future organisation of supportive cancer care, strategies to improve the organisation of supportive care in cancer, and to gain insight in the experiences of patients with supportive care services.

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