InfAct – Information for Action - Joint Action on Health Information

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Project duration:
March 1, 2018
February 28, 2021

In short

To make the most of health investments, health policies and decision-making must be based on robust evidence from research on population health and health systems fed by high quality and timely data. International comparative research, benchmarking and exchange of best practices is indispensable for strengthening the evidence base for national and international decision-making on health and health systems.

Project description

Through country collaboration, the InfAct project streamlines health information activities, reduces the data collection burden and works for a sustainable and robust data collection in Europe that facilitates and supports country knowledge, health research and policy making.

To build a stronger EU health information system infrastructure and strengthen its core elements.

To improve the use of health information data and expertise for a healthier Europe.

To strengthen national and EU health information systems by:

  1. Establishing a sustainable research infrastructure to support population health and health system performance assessment,
  2. Strengthening European health information and knowledge bases, as well as health information research capacities to reduce health information inequalities,
  3. Supporting health information interoperability and innovative health information tools and data sources.

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