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In vitro surrogate models to aid in the development of antivirals for the containment of foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks.

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Osiceanu, Ana-Maria; Murao, Lyre Espada; Kollanur, Denny; Swinnen, Jan; Annebel De Vleeschauwer; David Lefebvre; Kris De Clercq; Neyts, Johan; Goris, Nesya Source: Antiviral Res, Volume 105, p.59 ...

FMD vaccines: reflections on quality aspects for applicability in European disease control policy.

serology after vaccination. The viability of a vaccine bank approach was greatly aided by the principle of storing inactivated concentrated FMD viral antigen (Ag) over liquid nitrogen for subsequent ...

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