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A cluster of multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis among patients arriving in Europe from the Horn of Africa: a molecular epidemiological study.

Kröger, Stefan; Haas, Walter; Hoffmann, Harald; Indra, Alexander; Egli, Adrian; Daniela M Cirillo; Robert, Jérôme; Thomas R Rogers; Groenheit, Ramona; Anne T Mengshoel; Vanessa Mathys; Haanperä, Marjo; Dick ...

Evaluation of the potential health risks of substances migrating from polycarbonate replacement baby bottles.

Demaegdt, Heidi; Vandermeiren, Karine; Covaci, Adrian; Scippo, Marie-Louise; Elskens, Marc; Van Loco, Joris Source: Food Chem Toxicol, Volume 97, p.108-119 (2016) Keywords: Air Pollutants, Occupational ...

Development and application of a non-targeted extraction method for the analysis of migrating compounds from plastic baby bottles by GC-MS.

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Onghena, Matthias; Van Hoeck, Els; Vervliet, Philippe; Scippo, Marie; Simon, Coraline; Joris, van; Covaci, Adrian Source: Food Addit ...

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