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Assessment of dietary intake of 10 intense sweeteners by the Italian population.

Giovina; Ferrari, Marika; Piccinelli, Raffaela; Joris Van Loco; Turrini, Aida Source: Food Chem Toxicol, Volume 102, p.186-197 (2017) Keywords: Aspartame Beverages Diet Surveys Dietary Supplements Food ...

Low-calorie sweeteners in food and food supplements on the Italian market.

p.298-308 (2015) Keywords: Aspartame Chromatography, Liquid Cyclamates Diet Dietary Supplements Dipeptides Energy Intake Food Additives Food Contamination Hesperidin Humans ITALY Saccharin Sweetening Agents ...

Dietary intake of artificial sweeteners by the Belgian population.

the Belgian population older than 15 years is at risk of exceeding ADI levels for acesulfame-K, saccharin, cyclamate, aspartame and sucralose through an assessment of usual dietary intake of artificial ...

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