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Affiliation to the Treat-NMD Consortium Using an Agreed Minimum Dataset Allows Small Registries and Large Registries to Collaborate Together

Group was established in 2017 specifically to develop collaborations amongst TREAT- NMD DM registries. The aim of this study was to further develop the TREAT- NMD Global Registry Network by highlighting ...

Quantifying the changes in activity level of neuromuscular patients using the ACTIVLIM questionnaire: A 5-years study

den Bergh; S. Paquay; L. Servais; A. Maertens de Noordhout; J. Haan; L. De Meirleir; G. Remiche; N. Deconinck; C. Arnould; BNMDR study group Source: 12th ISPRM World Congress (2018) Keywords: Activity ...

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