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Seroprevalence of zoonotic parasites in pigs slaughtered in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal

Vercruysse,J.; Pierre Dorny Source: Vector.Borne.Zoonotic.Dis., Volume 13, Issue 12, Number 876, p.872- 876 (2013) Keywords: 2007 2010 a Agent Agents Animal article AS at Belgium burden CI CONSUMPTION cross ...

Toxoplasma gondii and Neospora caninum in wildlife: common parasites in Belgian foxes and Cervidae?

Source: Vet Parasitol, Volume 178, Issue 1-2, Number 69, p.64-9 (2011) Keywords: Animals Belgium brain Coccidiosis Deer DNA, Protozoan Foxes Genotype Neospora Toxoplasma Toxoplasmosis, Animal Abstract: Sera ...

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