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Guidance on risk assessment of nanomaterials to be applied in the food and feed chain: human and animal health

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: More, Simon; Bampidis, Vasileios; Benford, Diane; Bragard, Claude; Thorhallur, Halldorsson; Hernández‐Jerez, Antonio; Hougaard Bennekou, ...

EFSA guidance on technical requirements for regulated food and feed product applications to establish the presence of small particles including nanoparticles

Hernández-Jerez,; Susanne Hougaard Bennekou,; Kostas Koutsoumanis,; Kyriaki Machera,; Hanspeter Naegeli,; Søren Nielsen,; Josef Schlatter,; Dieter Schrenk,; Vittorio Silano,; Dominique Turck,; Maged Younes;; ...

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