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Joint Data Analysis in Nutritional Epidemiology: Identification of Observational Studies and Minimal Requirements

Canali, Raffaella; Lombardo, Rosario; D'Archivio, Massimo; Guillaume, Michèle; Donneau, Anne-Françoise; Jeran, Stephanie; Linseisen, Jakob; Kleiser, Christina; Nöthlings, Ute; Barbaresko, Janett; ...

Perspective: Essential Study Quality Descriptors for Data from Nutritional Epidemiologic Research.

Perozzi, Giuditta; Canali, Raffaella; Hoge, Axelle; Stelmach-Mardas, Marta; Dragsted, Lars Ove; Palombi, Stéphanie Maria; Dobre, Irina; Bouwman, Jildau; Clarys, Peter; Minervini, Fabio; De Angelis, Maria; ...

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