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Porcine NK Cells Stimulate Proliferation of Pseudorabies Virus-Experienced CD8 and CD4CD8 T Cells.

are particularly important in the first line defense against herpesviruses, including alphaherpesviruses. In addition to their ability to kill target cells and produce interferon-╬│, porcine and human NK ...

Proteomic characterization of bovine herpesvirus 4 extracellular virions.

Source: J Virol, Volume 86, Issue 21 (2012) Keywords: Animals Cattle Cell Line Glycoproteins Herpesvirus 4, Bovine Mass Spectrometry Proteome Viral Proteins Virion Abstract: Gammaherpesviruses are important ...

Effect of TNF-alpha on LH and IGF-I modulated chicken granulosa cell proliferation and progesterone production during follicular development.

Animals Cell Division Cell Line, Transformed Cells, Cultured Chickens Culture Media, Conditioned Dose-Response Relationship, Drug Female Granulosa Cells Insulin-Like Growth Factor I Luteinizing Hormone ...

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