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Metagenomic sequencing determines complete infectious bronchitis virus (avian Gammacoronavirus) vaccine strain genomes and associated viromes in chicken clinical samples.

chicken samples while providing additional insights in RNA virus sequence diversity and coinfecting viruses potentially contributing to pathogenicity. Health Topics:  Animal health Santé animale ...

Complete coding sequence of a novel picorna-like virus in a blackbird infected with Usutu virus.

Volume 163, Issue 6 (2018) Keywords: Animals Belgium Bird Diseases Chromosome Mapping Coinfection Flavivirus Flavivirus Infections Genome, Viral Open Reading Frames Passeriformes Phylogeny Picornaviridae ...

Usutu Virus Epizootic and Plasmodium Coinfection in Eurasian Blackbirds (Turdus merula) in Flanders, Belgium

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Rouffaer, Lieze Oscar; Mieke Steensels; Verlinden, Marc; Vervaeke, Muriel; Boonyarittichaikij, Roschong; Martel, An; Lambrecht, énédicte Source: Journal of Wildlife Diseases, Volume 54, Issue 4 ( ...

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