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Determinants of persistent organic pollutant (POP) concentrations in human breast milk of a cross-sectional sample of primiparous mothers in Belgium

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Raf Aerts; Ilse Van Overmeire; Colles, Ann; Mirjana Andjelkovic; Malarvannan, Govindan; Poma, Giulia; Den Hond, Elly; Van De Mieroop, Els; ...

Levels of organochlorinated pesticide residues and other persistent organic pollutants in breast milk: the Belgian results from the 6th WHO-coordinated survey

Publication Type: Scientific poster, presentation or proceeding Authors: Ilse Van Overmeire; Laure Joly; Malarvannan,G.; Poma,G.; Covaci,A.; A. Colles; Koppen, G.; Den Hond, E.; Van de Mieroop, E.; ...

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