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Measurement equivalence of the Belgian health interview auto-questionnaire: paper-based versus web-based mode.

paper-and-pencil and the web-based questionnaire were evaluated. A two-period cross-over study was organized with a sample of 149 employees of two Belgian research institutes (age range 22-62 years, 72% female). ...

Evaluation of SNPs based on DNA extracted from urine as part of the development and use of a kit of non-invasive biomarkers to monitor respiratory health of young children

Publication Type: Scientific poster, presentation or proceeding Authors: S. Nauwelaerts; Koen De Cremer; Bernard, Alfred; Nancy Roosens; Sigrid De Keersmaecker Source: qPCR dPCR & NGS 2017 Symposium, qPCR dPCR & NGS 2017 Symposium, Freising, Germa ...

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