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Being in the Closet. Correlates of Outness Among MSM in 13 European Cities

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Gios, Lorenzo; Mirandola, Massimo; Sherriff, Nigel; Toskin, Igor; Blondeel, Karel; Dias, Sonia; Stanekova, Danica; Folch, Cinta; Schink, ...

Prevalence of drug use during sex amongst MSM in Europe: Results from a multi-site bio-behavioural survey.

Anna-Marie; Folch, Cinta; Dias, Sonia; Velicko, Inga; Mirandola, Massimo Source: Int J Drug Policy, Volume 55 (2018) Abstract: BACKGROUND: Substance use has been consistently reported to be more prevalent ...

Bio-behavioural HIV and STI surveillance among men who have sex with men in Europe: the Sialon II protocols.

Martina; Folch, Cinta; Ferrer, Laia; Alexandra Montoliu; Nöstlinger, Christiana; Vanden Berghe, Wim; Kühlmann-Berenzon, Sharon; Velicko, Inga; Dias, Sonia; Suligoi, Barbara; Regine, Vincenza; Stanekova, ...

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