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Co-circulation of genetically distinct highly pathogenic avian influenza A clade (H5N6) viruses in wild waterfowl and poultry in Europe and East Asia, 2017–18

Mathilde; Kuiken, Thijs; Koopmans, Marion P G; Kelder, Leon; Kim, Yong-Joo; Lee, Youn-Jeong; Mieke Steensels; Lambrecht, Bénédicte; Dan, Adam; Pohlmann, Anne; Beer, Martin; Savic, Vladimir; Brown, Ian H; ...

Differences in antigenic sites and other functional regions between genotype A and G mumps virus surface proteins.

Koopmans, Marion; Rob van Binnendijk; Vandermarliere, Elien Source: Sci Rep, Volume 8, Issue 1 (2018) Keywords: Mumps; vaccine Abstract: The surface proteins of the mumps virus, the fusion protein (F) and ...

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