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Biological activity conferred by endocrine disrupting chemicals in hospital effluent and river water from the Brussels Region, Belgium

Publication Type: Scientific poster, presentation or proceeding Authors: Van Langenhove, K.; Tim Reyns; Vandermarken,T.; Servais, P.; Denison, M.; Joris Van Loco; Elskens, M. Source: ICCE 2015- 15th ...

Belgian recommendations on ANA, anti-dsDNA and anti-ENA antibody testing704

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Bossuyt,X.; Humbel,R.; Mewis,A.; Servais,G.; Tomasi,J.P.; C. Van Campenhout; L. Van Hoovels; Vercammen,M.; Damoiseaux,J.; W. Coucke; P Van ...

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