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Inhibition of MALT1 decreases neuroinflammation and pathogenicity of virulent rabies virus in mice.

understanding of the pathogenesis. MALT1 mediates activation of several immune cell types and is involved in the proliferation and survival of cancer cells. MALT1 acts as a scaffold protein for NF-κB signaling ...

MALT1 controls attenuated rabies virus by inducing early inflammation and T cell activation in the brain.

Van Gucht Source: J Virol (2018) Keywords: MALT1 Rabies Abstract: MALT1 is involved in the activation of immune responses as well as in the proliferation and survival of certain cancer cells. MALT1 acts ...

Impact of MALT1, an upstream mediator of NF-kB and immune cell activation, on rabies virus disease.

Publication Type: Scientific poster, presentation or proceeding Authors: E Kip; Vanessa Suin; J Staal; Michael Kalai; Beyaert,R.; Steven Van Gucht Source: RITA conference: Rabies in the Americas, Issue XX (2015) Keywords: Activation an Cell conference dis ...

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