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Effect of TNF-alpha on LH and IGF-I modulated chicken granulosa cell proliferation and progesterone production during follicular development.

Macrophages Ovarian Follicle Progesterone Recombinant Proteins Stimulation, Chemical Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha Abstract: This study demonstrates the effects of recombinant human tumour necrosis factor ...

Development of immunocompetence of broiler chickens.

Chickens Immunocompetence Immunoglobulin G Immunoglobulin M Serum Albumin, Bovine Abstract: Subpopulations of T-cells, B-cells, macrophages and ellipsoid-associated reticular cells (EARC) could be ...

Characterisation of chicken monocytes, macrophages and interdigitating cells by the monoclonal antibody KUL01.

Animals Antibodies, Monoclonal Antibody Specificity Chick Embryo Chickens Dendritic Cells Female Flow Cytometry immunohistochemistry Macrophages Mammals Monocytes Species Specificity Tissue Distribution ...

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