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Development and application of analytical methods for the determination of mycotoxins in organic and conventional wheat.

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Pussemier, L; Piérard, J-Y; Anselme, M; E. K. Tangni; Motte, J-C; Larondelle, Y Source: Food Addit Contam, Volume 23, Issue 11, p.1208-18 ...

Development and application of analytical methods adapted to the determination of mycotoxins and environmental pollutants in some organic and home-produced foodstuffs

Temmerman; Motte,JC.; Schneider,YJ.; Goeyens,L.; Carlos Van Peteghem; Larondelle,Y. Source: 2 nd symposium on recent advances in food analysis, NA, Issue international Association of environmental analytical ...

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