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Genetic diversity of shiga-toxin producing Escherichia coli O157:H7 recovered from human and food sources in Belgium

K. De Rauw; Denis Piérard; K De Reu; Heyndrickx,M. Source: Nineteenth Conference on Food Microbiology, NA, Issue =Belgian Society for Food Microbiology vzw/aslb (BSFM, NA (2014) Keywords: Belgium ...

A local outbreak of infections with EHEC-O157:H7 associated with the consumption of raw meat products, June 2012, Limburg, Belgium333

P. Cosse; J. Noyen; Denis Piérard Source: 18 th conference on foodmicrobiology, NA, Issue BSFM, NA (2013) Keywords: 2012 a Belgium conference CONSUMPTION INFECTION infections Meat Meat Products ON ...

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