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Joint Data Analysis in Nutritional Epidemiology: Identification of Observational Studies and Minimal Requirements

Schulz, Holger; Biagi, Elena; Nurk, Eha; Matthys, Christophe; Gobbetti, Marco; De Angelis, Maria; Windler, Eberhard; Zyriax, Birgit-Christiane; Jean Tafforeau; Pischon, Tobias Source: The Journal of ...

Perspective: Essential Study Quality Descriptors for Data from Nutritional Epidemiologic Research.

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Yang, Chen; Pinart, Mariona; Kolsteren, Patrick; Van Camp, John; De Cock, Nathalie; Nimptsch, Katharina; Pischon, Tobias; Laird, Eamon; ...

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