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Prevalence and Diversity of Salmonella Serotypes in Ecuadorian Broilers at Slaughter Age.

p.e0159567 (2016) Keywords: Animals Anti-Bacterial Agents Chickens Drug Resistance, Bacterial Ecuador Electrophoresis, Gel, Pulsed-Field Genotype Microbial Sensitivity Tests Poultry Diseases prevalence ...

Pleuromutilins: use in food-producing animals in the European Union, development of resistance and impact on human and animal health.

Infections Poultry Poultry Diseases Rabbits Swine Swine Diseases Abstract: Pleuromutilins (tiamulin and valnemulin) are antimicrobial agents that are used mainly in veterinary medicine, especially for swine ...

The importance of sample size in the determination of a flock-level antimicrobial resistance profile for Escherichia coli in broilers.

Resistance, Bacterial Escherichia coli Escherichia coli Infections Microbial Sensitivity Tests Poultry Diseases prevalence Sample Size Abstract: Determining herd- or flock-specific antimicrobial resistance ...

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